Message that influences the youth: God is not a punitive agency. Church does not set limits! Jesus Christ is a testimony of God’s love and a chance to gain freedom and eternal life!

In June 2017 a graduate of Evangel Theological Seminary (Ark missionary school) Ruvym Glabets together with thirty-one students completed their training. And he went on a mission to plant a church in a mountainous town in Lviv region where Ukrainian ethnic groups of Hutsul and Boyky live. The citizens of that Town engage mainly in farming and lead an isolated way of life. Some of them have never visited their regional center, not to mention another cities or countries.

Opening of new churches and missionary work is always a priority theme for Christians and this will be especially relevant for Ukrainian Pentecostals for the next five years as we have the project “400 churches in 5 years” before us.

How does this process take place? What problems do young missionaries face? What are the results?

Our heroes are usual young men and girls who left their daily activities and went to open new churches. Let us start with a mission in a town of Turka in Lviv region.

The very first step was to make acquaintance with administration, school headmaster and leaders of local resorts and, of course, with local citizens. Also there was some fellowship with orthodox and catholic priests that helped avoid misunderstanding and negativity from their side.

In that town there was a group of young people who were viewed as disadvantaged because some of them had single-parent families, were brought up in orphanages, drank alcohol and smoked. Almost every evening they were gathering in the same house. During one of the first evenings after arrival Ruvym went to get to know them and said that he believed in God, had theological education and came to live in their town.

At the next meeting he began to tell more about the reason of his coming. Soon when 15 young girls and boys were gathered in the house and on the table there was some tea and coffee instead of alcohol, they asked, “Who is a missionary? What is your goal?”

“I want people to understand that God loves them and that Jesus Christ is not a restriction. This is a chance for salvation and forgiveness of sins.”

Their next question was, “What does it mean for us?”

As an example understandable to the youth, the objects lying on the table were used. Those were a cell phone and a cup of tea. “Let’s imagine that God is looking at us as we are looking at this cup now. All of us are not perfect and sinful, and God sees our sins. When Jesus comes (the cell phone was placed between the audience and the cup), and we accept Him as our Lord and Saviour, He takes a place between us and God. Then God looks through Christ at us who are forgiven (a cell phone camera was turned on through which the people were also looking at the cup of tea). This example had such an influence on the people present there that they with tears in their eyes repeated a prayer of repentance. That evening in a small town in Lviv region 15 people repented and there was great joy in heaven!

Of course, this is not the end of this story. The work in the town of Turka continues. We wish success to Ruvym Glabets in his ministry. May God bless him and cover every need!



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