Students meet with David Hathaway

On May 26, 2017 Evangel Theological Seminary was visited by a famous British evangelist, one of the organizers of National Day of Prayer for Ukraine, David Hathaway.

The well-known preacher was telling the students about the power of faith and about God’s miracles in his life. Twice God cured him of cancer, released from prison, where David was imprisoned for his faith and for supplying Bibles into Eastern European countries, stopped the storms and guarded from murders.

In his address to the students David Hathaway said, “I know much more about hell because I spent two years in Soviet prison. Therefore I do not want people to go into hell forever which is much worse than the worst prison”.

When after a number of years he was preaching in prison before criminals he was doing that with passion and understanding because his previous experience helped to find the approach towards their impenitent hearts. Afterwards approximately one hundred ministers got out of that prison. “Only God can give you real freedom.” This slogan is relevant for everyone.

Also Hathaway shared his memories about mutual evangelization conducted in Siberia with a team which included Svetlana Souzko as a translator (now an academic dean at the Seminary). That ministry was accompanied by many miracles and God’s organization.

The legendary evangelist strongly advised the students not only to study academic theology, but also to have a personal contact with God through prayer. Having come to the Earth the Son of God left all His heavenly regalia and through faith and prayer performed great miracles.

David Hathaway inspired the students, future church leaders and coworkers in the sphere of Christian education with prophetic word that God would begin a great revival on the territory of Eastern Europe and Asia. In order to be a good minister faith is necessary as well as courage to spread the Word of God and to witness by our lives about God’s might and mercy.

The meeting was closed with a common prayer.


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