Training and counselling seminar on Church planting program for bishops and pastors

“The greatest value is human soul. To bring people to Christ is the most important, and this is the primary objective of church”; “To maintain unity and sound doctrine, not to humiliate others, not to go to extremes”. Those were the points raised during the discussions at the training and counselling seminar for bishops and pastors organized at the premises of Evangel Theological Seminary.

The implementation of the project “400 churches in 5 years” and educational component of this project were at the center. During the seminar the course list and course content were considered and approved that are necessary for effective missionary activity and church opening in modern society: Sociological area analysis, Church Planting methods, Communication skills, Legal literacy and Bookkeeping, Adequate PR, Evangelization in social network, Financial literacy, budget, search of finances.

From October 23 till November 17, 2017 these and other relevant themes will be studied by leaders and coordinators sent from all the regions of CCEFU (Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith of Ukraine). Afterwards they will coordinate church opening in their regions.


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