National Prayer Breakfast

Prayer Breakfasts are a long-term tradition in a number of democratic countries. America has been having such a practice for more than 60 years. Praise God that six years ago such tradition appeared also in Ukraine.

On June 1, 2017 in Ukrainian House (the city of Kiev) the next National Prayer Breakfast took place. Statesmen, politicians, government officials of different levels were present there as well as representatives of religious organizations, clergymen, priesthood and foreign guests including the USA Congressmen, the Nobel laureate Vernon Smith and the legendary evangelist David Hathaway.

The President of Evangel Theological Seminary Vasiliy Voytovich, who was invited to this event, shared his impressions, “I was very surprised by the atmosphere that prevailed at the Prayer Breakfast and by the fact that the politicians asked forgiveness from each other, called for respect, love and unity.

In their speeches people quoted the Word of God, quite a lot of prayers were carried out for various spheres of life. Once George Washington said that it was impossible to rule the country without Bible. One of the well-known politicians expressed his opinion that when we faced such tasks which we were not able to solve there was nothing else for us to do but to pray.

We live in a unique historical time given to us by God. If Ukrainian priesthood and government officials continue to pray together, to lead the right way of life and do good, then certainly, I believe, Ukraine will have a good future!

In the end of the meeting we sang together a song called ‘God, save Ukraine’.”




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