East European Leadership Forum

East European Leadership Forum takes place once a year but it takes the whole life to prepare for it. At such events the floor is taken by speakers who have proved themselves as experts in a particular sphere and have practical experience in issues which were covered during such sessions as Apologetics, Church leadership, Church and Civil society, Evangelization, Missionary work and church planting, Education, Family ministry, Students and young professionals, Art, Media and communication.

It is symbolical that for years this event has been taking place in Kiev, Golosiyivska Street, 57, where Evangel Theological Seminary and Philadelphia church are situated.

Education is an important link between contemporary church experience and historical foundation laid by theologians, the Church Fathers and by all the previous generations of Christians.

When education is combined with practical church experience, a platform is created for spreading the Word of God at all levels. There is a lot of work. Therefore leadership forum performs an important task. It reveals and promotes leaders and inspires them for future ministry.

Among the forum guests and speakers there were Mikhail Panochko, Yaroslav Lukasik, Anatoliy Kozachok, Oleg Sheremeta, Pavel Ungurian, Andrian Bukovinskiy, Nicolay Kuleba and others.

ETS students and graduates also participated in this forum. Among the speakers there were Vitaliy Klodnytskiy, Vasiliy Gutsalo, and Alexander Savchuk.

Also in a round table of the forum dedicated to family budget the President of Evangel Theological Seminary Vasiliy Voytovich and the director of Global University (USA) in Ukraine Lyubov Voytovich took part.




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