Visit of Gary Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz to Ukraine in 2019

There are plans for the visit of Gary Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz to Ukraine in 2019.

On May 14, 2018 at Evangel Theological Seminary a meeting of pastors with an international conference director Bettina took place with a purpose of planning and arranging the visit of Gary Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz.

Gary Wilkerson is a hereditary minister and preacher of the Gospel. His great-great-grandfather was a minister during the Civil War in the United States of America. His great-grandfather was a preacher of restoration. His grandfather was a leader of church parish and his father David was an international author, evangelist and pastor.

Gary Wilkerson himself received a call from the Lord when he was 6. He started to preach at the age of 16. When he was 19, he was appointed to be a youth pastor and at the age of 23 participated in church planting.

Nicky Cruz is a ‘spiritual son’ of David Wilkerson. Before his repentance he was a leader of Mau Maus gang in New York City. David helped Nick leave his past, accept Jesus and become a Christian. His biography became the basis for The Cross and the Switchblade feature film.

At the moment Nicky is a Christian evangelist, a founder of Nicky Cruz Outreach evangelistic Christian ministry. Also he was a director of Teen Challenge (teenage problems) which was functioning under the leadership of David Wilkerson before another mission was founded in California.

The ministry of David Wilkerson continues through Gary Wilkerson, Nicky Cruz and many other people.

His son Gary wrote in his blog, “The work which he started will outlive him. We all can witness what kind of influence not only his sermons, newsletters and World-Changing ministry make on us, but also his love, commitment, compassion and ability to lift up our faith for greater work”.




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