A missionary is a person with a mission!

Very often Christians are afraid of the word “missionary” because they associate it only with a trip to Africa, Asian or Near East countries and say, “No, I am not a missionary!” Is it really so?

Missionary work (from Latin missio – “assignment”, “sending”) is various activities of religious organizations and their members aimed at converting to their beliefs.

A missionary is a person with a mission! This mission can be not only a trip to a faraway country but also planting a church in the homeland. A mission is preaching God’s Word in every place where a person is. Mission is an opportunity for Church to reveal to the world that Jesus is God.

If you want to become a missionary, to define your personal mission on God’s field or to develop your leadership abilities, this program is for you.

“Church planting” program is for ministers, leaders, missionaries.

Program duration: 3 months (October15, 2018 – December 21, 2018)

Program advantages:

A large plus of this program is training in groups which consist of students from all Ukraine. It’s a basis for further friendship and ministry;

Training is not based on textbooks but on receiving information from practicing teachers of Ukrainian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith and meetings with famous and successful people. Beside theoretical information this will help to get practical advice;

No material expenses because it’s absolutely free of charge (with meals and accommodation at ETS dormitories);

There is no long-term separation from local church – two-week sessions interchange with weekly holidays between the sessions.

Also fellowship, services, new acquaintances, excursions to Kiev churches and acquaintance with their methods of ministry, hospitable Kiev and lots of positive emotions and inspiration.

First session: October 15, 2018 – October 26, 2018.

Courses: Evangelism among students, Adequate PR, Communication skills and methods, Personal evangelism, Conflictology, Youth ministry, Kids ministry, Financial literacy and budget, Sociological area analysis, Team building and relationships, Evangelism in social networks, Legal literacy, Pastoral Counseling, Pneumatology, Home groups ministry overview, Homiletics (Christian sermon), How to open rehabilitation centers for drug and alcohol addicts, Pastorology, Church doctrines, How to start a new church, Missiology and others.

Address: Kiev, Golosiyivska Street, 57

Enrollment: send an email at evangelukraine@gmail.com or call (0985603898, 0500200598)




Если у Вас возникли вопросы или Вы хотите получить дополнительную информацию, касающуюся обучения в семинарии, мы будем рады ответить Вам.

Email: evangelukraine@gmail.com

Телефон: +38 044 5279489

Адрес: Украина, г. Киев, ул. Голосеевская, 57

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